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Mailing Lists

User and developer mailing lists are now available for Strecks. Subscribe now to keep updated about project developments and to have your say.

If you have tried Strecks out, your feedback would be particularly appreciated. Please use the mailing lists to make your comments, or contact Phil Zoio.

Road Map

The underlying purpose of the Strecks is to make the use of Struts (the original 1.x version, and not the WebWork-based version 2.x) more palatable, user-friendly and productive to develop applications with. Version 1.0 largely achieves this goal. However, there is scope for further development, and improvements will be made in the future according to the wishes of users and the developers.

Version 1.1

A number of the features earmarked or under consideration for version 1.1 are:

About Strecks

Strecks has been developed by Phil Zoio of Realsolve Solutions.

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