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Strecks is a set of extensions to the Struts web development framework aimed at Java 5 users. The aim of Strecks is to enhance the capability of Struts in terms of productivity and maintainability. Strecks makes use of Java 5 language features, in particular JSR-175 annotations, to simplify the programming model for Struts applications.


13 June, 2007 Strecks 1.0.1 released. See the downloads page. See change log.
October 31, 2006 Interview with Phil Zoio on Strecks in InfoQ. Strecks features as "Library of the Week" on JavaPosse
October 27, 2006 Strecks 1.0 released. See the downloads page. See change log.
September 26, 2006 Strecks 1.0-beta-4 released.
July 7, 2006 Strecks 1.0-beta-3 released.
May 20, 2006 Strecks 1.0-beta-2 released.
April 25, 2006 Strecks user and developer mailing lists have been set up. Subscribe here to keep updated about project developments and to have your say on the project.
April 22, 2006 Strecks 1.0-beta-1 released. See the downloads page. Strecks now in beta as only minor features and bug fixes are expected before a final 1.0 release. See change log.
April 20, 2006 Strecks featured in article Building on Struts for Java 5 Users, published on The Server Side.
April 7, 2006 Strecks 1.0-alpha-1 released. See the downloads page.

Why Strecks?

For several years, Struts has been the leading Java web application framework, and it has served its purpose well over thousands of projects. However, developers are increasingly demanding more productivity and ease of development from their web application frameworks. Strecks makes heavy use of Java 5 language features to meet this demand, adding a variety of features. It does so without comprimising backward compatibility. Strecks can be used within an existing Struts application, or even within the same module.

Design Goals

The following design goals have guided the development of Strecks:

The scope of Strecks is limited to the form and controller parts of a Struts application, and not to user interface components. However, it does add some features which simplify navigation and rendering of alternative views.

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